Mix and Match April! – Vintager Straps
Turnaround time: 3 to 4 weeks


Spring is on the way, celebrate by showing off your unique character.  Because every strap I make is handcrafted to your specifications there's a lot of things I can do to make your strap uniquely yours.  Choose a buckle that suits your style, choose a thread color that expresses your outlook, or mix and match materials used for your keepers!  Any leather you see on my site can be combined with any other leather to make a unique, daring combination of strap and keepers that will stand out in a crowd.  

Want your V-Dark to stand out with red keepers?  No problem!  Want something complimentary but more noticeable on your Sentinel Gold?  Can do!  I can even put canvas keepers on your leather strap or leather keepers on your canvas strap, it's all up to you!  Just select any strap you want, enter the usual customization options on the strap's page then in the “note to Micah” box at checkout let me know what leather, canvas or shark you'd like your keepers made from.

Want to do even more to personalize your creation?  I can laser engrave your strap for you as well.  I'm working on getting this feature integrated into the website, but for now just let me know what you'd like engraved on your strap in the “note to Micah” box at checkout (no trademark or copyright infringements please) and I'll email you back to sort out the details after your order is placed.  For instance, a friend of mine is into DeLorean cars so I engraved this fun little drawing of a DeLorean for him along with an entertaining message.   Thanks for looking!

Questions?  Email Micah!