CU29 bespoke leather watch band – Vintager Straps
Turnaround time is currently 3 to 4 weeks

$ 145.00


The length of your strap in millimeters, i.e. 130/80.  The first number is the length of the strap tongue, the second number is the length of the buckle side.  

This is a required field, please click here to visit my FAQ for more detailed strap sizing information.


The width of your strap at the watch and at the buckle. The first number is the width at the watch, the second number is the width at the buckle. i.e. 24/22 = 24mm wide at the watch,  22mm wide at the buckle.

Please click here to visit my FAQ for more detailed strap sizing information.


Available colors you can choose to have your strap stitched with


Select round or oval holes.  

Round and oval holes are both 4mm wide, oval holes will be spaced slightly closer together.  

Oval holes are not available on canvas straps.


If your watch is a Luminor or 1950 style Panerai select "Yes" from the dropdown menu.

If you have a Radiomir Panerai or any other type of watch, leave dropdown menu on "No" as you do not need tubes.

Straps in widths other than 22mm, 24mm or 26mm will not have tubes installed regardless of selection as these are the only widths tubes are available in.


Select a buckle under "Type" to see a picture of it. Only buckles that are available in the Width you selected above will be shown.  

Pre-V = Curved Panerai style buckle

GPF = Flat vintage Panerai style buckle

MOD DEP = Flat vintage Panerai style with MOD DEP engraving

Thumbnail = Low profile buckle suitable for all watches

PVD = Black finish

Click here to see examples


CU29 is HOT!  This rich copper colored custom watch strap is soft and not too thick, it feels amazingly comfortable on the wrist without being floppy at all.  I visit my leather supplier every month and it's been awhile since I found a hide that instantly made me say "Oh, wow... This is great!" but CU29 certainly did.  This strap rocks, you will not regret trying it out on your Panerai or any other watch you like.

Details: Shown with 1886 Tan stitching and polished Pre-V buckle.

Color: Copper with nice streaks
Texture: Light texture
Thickness: 4mm (Thicknesses are approximate)
Stiffness: Very soft and pliable
Water resistance: Will soak up water, may darken slightly with water exposure

Got questions? Check the FAQ

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