Turnaround time: 4 to 5 weeks


If your strap ever gets ruined or fails for any reason I will replace it expediently and free of charge. This guarantee includes: Use, misuse, abuse, exposure, the need to burn your strap for warmth, your dog eating it in a fit of rage... whatever. If it's ruined I will replace it, no questions asked (unless the story sounds interesting).

Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your strap I will replace it, free of charge, as many times as it takes until you are satisfied. If I'm unable to make a strap that satisfies you I will refund your money in full.

This policy is meant to cover returns and exchanges on new straps (please see Trial Period below), not as you get new watches, your tastes in straps change over the years etc. 

Trial Period

When you receive your strap, if you don't like it PLEASE: Wear it! Wear it for a week or two, get used to it, see if your opinion changes, get it wet, put leather lotion on it, distress it, whatever! If you still don't like it after all that... just let me know. I will replace it with a different one.

Please note:  Refunds/replacements are not offered for any strap ordered for use with a deployant buckle or any strap requested to be 5mm thick or thicker.  My straps do not work with deployant buckles and straps at or above 5mm thickness often turn out so stiff they are unwearable.  Naturally I can't offer refunds or replacements on straps that I know from the outset are most likely not going to work.