Turnaround time: 4 to 5 weeks

Apple Watch watch strap adapters

$ 20.00

Looking for an amazing strap to juice up your Apple Watch?  No problem!  Using these ingenious adapters you can add any of my straps to your Apple Watch.  When you order one of my handcrafted watch straps along with a pair of these adapters the strap will arrive at your doorstep ready to mount on your Apple Watch.  A screwdriver will be included as well so that you can easily swap the adapters to a different strap whenever you choose to do so.

To order a strap for your Apple Watch:  Select a set of adapters with the proper options for you Apple Watch, click "Add to Cart" and then simply order any strap you want same as you would for any other watch.  
At this time there are no Titanium adapters for the 49mm Ultra Apple Watch, the Polished Adapters for the 42/44/45mm Apple Watch will work though.

49mm Apple Watch Ultra?  Order 26mm wide straps.
42, 44, 45mm Apple Watch?  Order 24mm wide straps.
38, 40 or 41mm Apple Watch?  Order 22mm wide straps.
Note: If you want a beefier look for the 42, 44 or 45mm sized Apple Watch you can order a 26mm wide strap as well, which will fit fine on the adapters.  I think these size Apple Watches look best on 24mm straps though.

All other options such as length, stitching color, buckle type are up to you when you order the strap.  The adapters will arrive pre-installed on the strap so the whole setup is ready to be put directly on your Apple Watch.

All orders including one or more straps ship FREE, worldwide