Rolled American Canvas handcrafted canvas watch strap – Vintager Straps
Turnaround time: 2 to 3 weeks

Rolled American Canvas Watch Strap

$ 175.00

This strap is quite interesting because the canvas it’s made of was used by the military in the Vietnam era. It’s very tough and it's green canvas is made to last, proven by the fact that it served in a war.  Light patina and markings only highlight the vintage style of this strap.  With this strap on your wrist, you truly are wearing a piece of world history.

My Rolled Canvas straps are made with no leather at all, resulting in a very durable strap that does not shrink or expand with water exposure.

Details: Shown with Mil-Spec green stitching and sewn-in brushed Pre-V buckle on the Panerai, Mil-Spec green stitching with spring bar brushed thumbnail buckle on the Rolex.

Color: Military green
Texture: Tight weave canvas
Thickness: 3.5mm (Thicknesses are approximate)
Stiffness: Very pliable
Water resistance: Will soak up water, does not change color with water exposure

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