Sunset Leather Watch Strap | Golden Tan | Vintager Straps
Turnaround time: 2 to 3 weeks

Sunset Leather Watch Strap

$ 155.00

Sunset is back, but who knows for how long?  One of the earlier leathers I worked with and just found a bit more of, Sunset is a rich golden tan strap that's highly comfortable and has a deep, satisfying texture.  I great choice for any watch, it goes particularly well with watches that have gold hands.

Details: Shown with 1886 Tan stitching and brushed screw in Pre-V buckle

Color: Rich golden tan
Texture/finish: Pebbled texture, slight sheen
Thickness: 4mm (Thicknesses are approximate)
Stiffness: Soft and pliable
Water resistance: Will soak up water, may darken with water exposure

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